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Riverstown Football Club feature many teams at all levels of competitive football from Academy Teams for boys and girls from Under 6 all the way through to Munster Senior League for Men and Cork Senior League For Women.

If you are interested in joining our growing club please contact the

relevant team for manager contact details.


Riverstown FC Teams for the 2022 and 2023 Season


Schoolboy League Sec    Greg Marah      087 456 2094

Youth & MSL Sec           Rob O’Halloran  087 626 7651

Women’s and Girls Sec   Noel Greene      087 905 6621


Contact Details


Cork Women’s and Schoolgirls Soccer League


U11       Lisa Mooney         086 330 9108

Lisa Mooney         086 330 9108

U13       Lisa Mooney         086 330 9108

U15       Noel Greene         087 905 6621

Noel Greene         087 905 6621



Senior   Women

Michael O’Sullivan, Robert Oldham, Ian McGrath    0871300273


Cork Schoolboys League Boys

U13 D1     

Conor Madden, Stuart Chambers             087 636 8094

U13 D5

Shane Scott                                          0868731710

U13 D8

John Tyler                                            0868195704

U13 D9 

James O'Leary                                      0857105453

U14 D1

Michael Kiely - 0868055900

U14 A D4

Ian Wills, Adrian Foley, Barry Punch         087 295 7626

U14 B 

Shane Daly
, Denis O Regan                      0

U15  D2

Amanda Daly, Richard Fowler, John Foley     0879979515

U15A D7 

Larry Duggan,  Simon Worley   0872400764


U16   Prem     

Greg Marah, and Eugene Barrett      087 981 0773

U16 A D4   

Gavin O’Keefe
and Amanda daly                               085 2539468

U16 B  D5      

John O’Connor, Billy Wright and Paul Lynch                    087 9116056





Cork Youth League Boys


Rob Boyle, Rob Fergey
               086 829 4515



Ryan O’Sullivan, Stephen Yelverton, Mark Daly           085 822 7792


James Howley                                    0877921266




Munster Senior League


Senior Men D1

Jonathon O’Callaghan and Anthony Forde               087 613 0541



Junior  Men  

Barry Lambe, and Paul O’Shea  


Junior A   

Jason Power, Rory O'Sullivan
      087 266 0161


Riverstown FC Academy – Based in Old Christians Rugby Club

Every Saturday from 2pm.

Contact individual Managers for more information



Girls Academy U7-U10    

Lisa Mooney and Mitch McGuickan                 
086 330 9108

Boys Academy

U8      John Coughlan

U9        John O’Connor                                       087 9116056

U10      Alan Bradley, Stephen Manson                 087 6438391

U11      Luke Bollard, Larry Duggan, Lisa Barrett   087 9374015








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Child Safeguarding Stat...

See below our Child Safeguarding Statement in PDF version. Click link to download.Our Child Protection officer is Niamh Downey This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it....

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